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Elevate your fitness through precision movements that align & nurture your body beautiful. 

The Barre Relevé is an online barre studio and community that teaches you to love your workouts while achieving your personal fitness goals. These low impact & energizing workouts will align, contour and tone even the hard to reach areas with a fusion of ballet, pilates and yoga.

The Barre Relevé method combines unique stabilization techniques for a deep sculpt, target toning for areas that need it most and cardio for a feel good sweat. All with a rich amount of inspiration from the flexibility and strength needed for ballet. Even if your goal is to build a perkier booty, it all comes from the core. The classes are designed to develop the deeper muscles first, while using proper body placement that will maximize your results both athletically and aesthetically. 

 At the Barre Relevé you can choose any barre class and at any time. This flexibility lets you decide the best time for your workout and gives you the power to choose from a full body class or a targeted area ranging from 5 - 45 minutes.


Hi Im Gabrielle,


 I have been a personal trainer since 2005 and have a passion for ballet and healthy movement. I originally created The Barre Relevé  as an extension of myself to help my clients stay consistent in between sessions. As with any fitness plan staying consistent is the key to results. So I designed videos to address specific needs so my clients could repeat the necessary  movements until stronger and we could focus on new things.  

Now the video studio is available to you with multiple new classes of different intensity and variety added every month! All from the comfort of your own home. 

See you at the barre!

xoxo/ Gabrielle