Elevate your fitness through precision movements that align & nurture your body beautiful. 

The Barre Relevé is an online workout studio and community that teaches you to love your workouts while achieving your personal fit goals. The movements will align, contour and tone even the hard to reach areas with a fusion of ballet, pilates with a bit of yoga inspired stretching.

You will also love the signature movements that help you connect to your body's needs and get an efficient workout that matches your goals, fit level and your time budget. 

Lift and sculpt from home.

No barre required.



I have been in the personal training and natural health field for over 15 years now. And I specialize in helping women heal their metabolisms, yielding lasting weight loss with exercise and nutrition that rejuvenates the body. I began my fitness career specializing in injury recovery and athletic performance. All of which I have now applied to barre. 


And while I would love to rant about my years of dancing and proudly display a wall of old ballet shoes, that simply isn't the case for me.

My career as a barre instructor may have been fueled by my childhood longing to dance. But The Barre Relevé came to life out of necessity to provide me not only the strength & body alignment needed for ballet. But most importantly, to heal my body from the excruciating pains I had suffered as result of a major car accident since the age of 17.

My mission is to share my passion for movement and nutrition helping you experience the confidant, energizing glow of a healthy body and mind. All from the comfort of your home or location of your choice. I am looking forward to being your coach as we barre together to be the best version of ourselves possible.


Because as we bloom; so does the world around us! 


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