Let Yourself Rise!

What an intense year 2020 was for all of us! I know I learned a lot about myself and spent many "non optional" hours alone pondering the truest desires of my heart. Quarantine, in a 1 bedroom apartment , going positively stir crazy gave me the down time I needed to refocus where I put my energy. And now after so many changes in my life and lifestyle that I could never have imagined have taken place, I feel free to be and do what brings me the most joy.

What head to heart conversations did you have with yourself? Did you purge closets, quit your job, start an online business, or just try to survive the sudden hold from your day to day?

Let this year be about ALLOWING yourself to rise higher than ever before. Take the lessons from the tough times, even the ones you are still facing as a reminder of how strong you really are.

  • Speak gratitude daily!

  • Start dreaming again!

  • Have compassion for yourself

  • Stay focused on what matters

  • And let yourself rise up to live your fullest life yet!

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