My injury story 

My tiny little frame was tossed through my seatbelt of the back seat and into the windshield. Thank God.... literally I am thankful that God was protecting me that day. Instead of breaking my neck and dying instantly, my left foot had gotten caught under the drivers seat and saved my life!


  My neck was definitely injured and the natural curve in my neck was straightened from the impact, I snapped 3 bones in my foot completely in half. I had surgery to put them in place and had temporary metal pins holding the bones together and protruding from my skin until removed. The worst part wasn't the pin hanging  out of my foot for 6 weeks until the bones set. It was the deeper soft tissue trauma  of my Quadratus Lumborum and the complexities from a right on left hip rotation from the accident made worse by standing on that hip improperly for 12 weeks of my left foot recovering. Sciatic pain and knee pain followed and the pain pills made me sick. Which I am grateful for because covering it up wasn't solving the problem anyways.