Customize Your Experience


Level 1 

Feel Good Moves

Light Sweat



Level 3

Feeling the burn 

Moderate+ Sweat


Level 4

Fancy Technique & / or

Heavier Weights Used

Sweat Guaranteed 

Level 2

Leveled Up Technique

Light/Moderate Sweat

Each class is given an intensity rating. 


The class levels will help you track your progress, maximize your results &  give you the control of how much sweat you are willing to drop that day. 



Track your progress


No goal is complete without measurable results. Your body may be a level 1 in some areas or with certain moves but a 4 in others. By following the class level system your body will become fully aligned and equally strong.

You Won't Want to Skip Class 


"10 minutes is better than no minutes." 


As a busy woman you know how your schedule can pile up & leave you feeling pressed for time. Other days you may be feeling run down and there is just no way you can push through a 1 hour barre class. Which is totally okay! I want you to love your workouts and really enjoy the benefits of taking that time to nurture your body with movement. 


Simply select a lighter workout, a shorter workout or just a flexibility class so you can check exercise off your to do list while respecting your bodies energy needs for that day.