Customize Your Experience

Each class is given an intensity rating. 
 The class levels will help you track your progress, maximize your results &  give you the control of how much sweat you are willing to drop that day. 


Level 1 

Feel Good Moves
 Sweat Optional



Level 3

Feeling the burn 
Moderate+ Sweat


Level 4

Fancy Technique & / or
Heavier Weights Used
Sweat Guaranteed 

Level 2

Leveled Up Technique
Light/Moderate Sweat

 No goal is complete without measurable results. Your body may be a level 1 in some areas or with certain moves but a 4 in others. By following the class level system your body will become fully aligned and equally strong. 

***Using the class level system is not a requirement, if you would like to just pop in and take a class than you can do just that! 


    When designing a barre class there are many variables we use to modify the exercises to meet your needs now or add layers to make them more challenging. So by simply showing up to class you see results over time. I took this one step further by placing the intensity / complexity of the class into curriculum like flow. Similar to a customized plan the programing is done for you; all you have to do is hit play and enjoy! 

   Somedays we may be feeling pretty run down but want to move a bit to feel better. That's okay! Having a "light day" is a thing and it's a very good thing to listen to your body. On those days feel free to go down a level in intensity, repeat one of the easier classes that made your muscles feel refreshed or just stretch it out. 

   Levels 2 and 3 are going to be the intensity of your typical barre class. The main differences between them is going to be level of muscle control and alignment needed to do the move as well as stamina. 

   Level 4 is where we really crank up the heat. When teaching these classes I am assuming that you have the basics down and your muscles do as well. So you won't find many modifications in these classes. 

But no matter what class level you prefer, I am here for you!!! If you have any questions or special requests feel free to reach out. You can e-mail me directly at