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The little things add up to make  the big things happen. 

   I created this blog page to share with you exercise, weight loss and wellness tips. As well as easy recipes to try and quick inspirational reads. aka... SELF CARE STUFF ;)


   Taking time for little things that help you stay committed to your long term goals, all add up to help you get there! These are the types of things I share with my one -one-one clients as they grow through their wellness journey. "All of life is maintenance" as quoted by my structured and hardworking 8am client. Seriously, I am so privileged to be the coach of such remarkable women. She is 100% correct. And this maintenance is not just exercise and body care but taking care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is the wellness journey and how we achieve that hot body we want. No short cuts!

   I hope you find these bite sized pieces of information helpful and that you take time for them as a way of keeping your mind headed in the direction of your ultimate goals!



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Also, as you can see my clients (you included) inspire me. So please, I invite you to send me an

        e-mail with any wellness / fitness questions you may have. 

                                                                                                  XOXO/ Gabrielle