What is Barre?

Barre is a workout that combines ballet, pilates and yoga. How much of each fitness modality that is used in the barre workout depends on those creating the barre class(s).  

What is The Barre Relevé

 The Barre Relevé uses a fusion of ballet, pilates and yoga inspired movements; but with a deep focus on form so you can enjoyably have a more efficient workout. Get ready to get hooked on taking care of your body. 


The movements align, contour and tone every muscle. Even the hard to reach areas. With a rich amount of inspiration from the strength and alignment needed for ballet. But don't worry; you don't need a dance background of any kind to participate.

The workouts are structured to energize the body; not exhaust. 


The programs (coming soon) will lead you on a consistent path with measurable results. Each plan has a specific goal and will clearly guide you on how to customize the plan to meet your needs and time budget.

About Gabrielle 

Training Background

   I have been in the personal training and natural health field for over 15 years now. And I specialize in helping women heal their metabolisms, for natural lasting weight loss with exercise and nutrition that rejuvenates the body. I began my fitness career specializing in injury recovery and athletic performance. All of which I have now applied to barre.

Why I Created The Barre Relevé

                   #1 Results happen with repetition & attention to detail

My fitness career was originally launched from my need to get stronger after a near fatal car accident. My barre journey took center stage after I saw the unmatched results I was achieving personally and for my clients. Through consistency and carful programming I was able to heal my body of chronic pain & became stronger, leaner and more defined than I ever had from weight training. I then dug deeper into the details of ballet anatomy and started creating workouts that would give me the strength and alignment to perform ballet movements. Phew, what a workout!  learned that athlete or injured, ALIGNMENT IS EVERYTHING.  And my clients where loving their results too. So my training focus was shifted 100% to programs created with barre workouts. The Barre Relevé was my way of duplicating myself so clients could repeat the sequences that where working for them without missing the details. 

   #2  We can't always make it to class or Want to make it to class

Nope, sometimes you're just not feeling it. And thats okay! But your self care practice doesn't have to suffer because of it. We live in a go go go world making your time and energy even more valuable. And gym travel time can really put a dent in your self care time budget. Taking away from meditation, journaling, meal prepping, taking a hot bath, getting your hair done etcI believe it is so important to listen to your heart and do things that bring you joy. So if doing your workout first thing in the morning, hair a hot mess and in your jammies works for you... why pressure yourself to go against that? Also, it can be hard to get all the details in class especially when the class involves a lot of layers (coordination). So the videos allow you to pause, rewind, mute so you can listen to your own music and really get into your zone of self care. 

 #3   I got tired of saying no!

As a coach I thrive on seeing others succeed!!!  I grew up in an "every man for himself" kind of house hold so my coaches where my mentors. It took me some time but I eventually realized how much harder life is when you are doing it all on your own. Or worse; placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. I knew then that I wanted to share the same joy and empowerment I felt from my coaches.


I was so thankful that my clients where sending me more referrals than I could take on. Friends and family near and far where seeking my help & I just hated the feeling of not being able to help them. By Creating The Barre Relevé online studio I could stop saying no. My heart overflows with Joy when I see others feeling proud of themselves and achieving their goals.

 Side note: It can be tricky to know hen to ask for help. As a coach I believe that taking ownership of your life, doing what you can do and reaching out for help at the same time is a healthy combination. And that's my coaching style. I know you have greatness in you and I am here to light your path and encourage you along the way.

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