What is Barre?

Barre is a workout that combines ballet, pilates and yoga. How much of each fitness modality that is used in the barre workout depends on those creating the barre class(s).  

What is The Barre Relevé

 The Barre Relevé uses a fusion of ballet, pilates and yoga inspired movements; but with a deep focus on form. This attention to detail delivers an efficient workout that gets you the contouring results you are looking for. Get ready to get hooked on taking care of your body. 


The movements align, contour and tone every muscle. Even the hard to reach areas. With a rich amount of inspiration from the strength and alignment needed for ballet. But don't worry; you don't need a dance background of any kind to participate.

The workouts are structured to energize the body; not exhaust. 


The programs (coming soon) will lead you on a consistent path with measurable results. Each plan has a specific goal and will clearly guide you on how to customize the plan to meet your needs and time budget.

At The Barre Relevé we focus on strengthening from the inside out, as you are only as strong as your foundation. By following the class levels you will bring your body into it’s truest alignment and intentionally sculpting your muscles along the way. This alignment and strength technique is also the formula to go from zero to arabesque without having a single days experience in dance class.


The Barre Relevé was derived from the science of anatomy and then integrated into the art of ballet. So if you have a dance background or are currently dancing; you will find your strength and ability increasing as you work through whichever technique that you practice. 

About The Creator

  TBR was crafted from 16 years of experience as a personal trainer , 7 of those years teaching barre and 2 of those years on a quest to fulfill my childhood longing to learn ballet. I wanted to create a self-care driven movement system that would align, stretch, strengthen and lay the foundations to learn ballet.


In this journey I found incredible healing both of my heart and several painful injuries from severe accident. I also found a the ideal workout for keeping my body lean even during stressful seasons of life. But most of all, I found fulfillment and my truest calling as a coach to provide the knowledge for other women to rise up in their strength from the inside and out. 

The word Relevé was chosen for the meaning behind it.


It translates to:  To lift; or to Rise Up.

And that is exactly what alignment focused movements and organic nutrition will do for you. They will lift you up! Lift you, your mood, your energy, your mental clarity, your confidence AND your booty…. heyyy, yes please on that!


To rise up is also to show up! To show up for yourself and declare the truth that you are a beautiful woman with gifts and talents to give to the world. And all is a reflection of the love and wellness you give to yourself.


To move beautiful is to feel beautiful ~ G

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