Once upon a time there was a little girl who was kicked out of ballet class !

Yes, kicked out. Well essentially asked to leave for being "a little too independent" as quoted from my ballet teacher at the time. Apparently, after only minimal instruction I would take off and start doing my own thing. If you know me personally, this scenario definitely doesn't sound far from reality. 

They called it a barre; I saw a jungle gym.

They called it center work; I thought it was the green light to dart off and free flow like the wild spirit that I am.

I was 5 years old.  And something about that free space, the texture of the old hardwood floors,  and how I felt in my  soft pink little tights, undeniably compelled me to leap and twirl with all the energy I had from deep down inside . This passion;  this energy;  still  races through me still from the moment I begin to dance! It lights my soul on fire! And now ballet has not only become the foundation for effective workouts that nurture the body beautiful but as a self care activity to add fulfillment to my life. 

But it wasn't an easy path...  


When I was young all the girls in the neighborhood went to dance classes. We simply couldn't afford it. I remember anxiously waiting for my friends to come home from class so I could pester them with questions of what they learned and then try to imitate them. 


Then when I was 17 I was in a major car accident.

I was ejected from the back seat into the front windshield. Thank God I broke my foot as it got jammed under the seat as it saved me from hitting the windshield fast enough to break my neck and cause this accident to be fatal. 

This accident left me in severe pain and with multiple misalignments. Things just weren't as holistic back then and so much had been overlooked. I suffered for years in pain.  Read More about the accident here. 

How ballet came back into my life

  My obsession with ballet and all of it’s toning and body aligning movements began the day I could’t run anymore. I was spending on average of 4 hours per day driving from client to client and it just so happens that driving is what aggravates every single muscle that was severely injured in a car accident. I just couldn't push through the pain or get ahead of it with traditional therapy exercises. I was in so much pain I had to stop all forms of exercise accept barre exercises ON THE MAT. My hip was so loose from being out of place that I couldn't do any weight baring exercise without aggravating my sciatic nerve as well as others causing excruciating pain in my hip , thigh and leg.


  Sitting around just isn’t my style and I had already begun learning ballet to become a better barre instructor. But now I was needing SOMETHING, some sport or physical goal that I could achieve to replace my outlet of running. As I dove into the ballet anatomy books my began to heal in ways I honestly wasn’t sure I would ever see aligned and operating pain free. I won’t lie It was a long road, especially as I had no choice but to continue driving excessively for a while. Overtime, not only did I heal my body; I learned to dance! And created amazing workouts that built me up to perform fairly advanced ballet movements all from my living room. 

Now Im not exactly claiming be the next Misty Copeland or anything but I have fulfilled my childhood dream of learning to dance and feeling the joy that it brings to my heart.